Have you hit a yoga LOW?

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Are you falling asleep in your downward facing dog? Does the very thought of another forced exhale make you want to storm out of the room? Yes, I know the feeling. After the honeymoon phase of commencing practice, it is easy to lose focus on the yoga mat. The very reminder from the teacher to ‘stay present’ can make you want to throw your Lululemon water bottle at the teachers head. Class can become routine, and the mind can quickly switch from present-moment, into auto-pilot. So, it left me thinking. How do we bring the love back into our daily bend and stretch?

Recently in Vogue, Jessica Kerwin Jenkins discussed are we ‘over yoga.’ Jenkins recalls getting bored with her yoga practice, and went in search to discover another form of exercise that left her in a state of post-epiphanic bliss.

These days our minds are constantly stimulated. Hence, it is no wonder we tend to lose interest easily especially if we are instructed to remain still. Relationships, career, technology. Everything is ever-evolving, ever-changing. When you do the same postures, day in, day out, understandably, repetition can take its toll. So, how do we keep the interest level up when we are doing that 20th sun salutation?

Three answers:

- Choose a yoga studio that suits you! The teacher’s energy will either inspire and uplift you. Or conversely, deflate you. SO make sure the studio you choose to practice in (or the space if it is at home or whilst travelling) speaks to you, in that it feels safe and comfortable for you to just be yourself.

- Choose a style that suits you. Yoga styles vary tremendously. Some are calming and nurturing, others are igniting and pack-a-punch. Decide on a style that suits you, that day, and go with an open mind. Every class you attend is exactly where you need to be. Trust that.

- Just breathe. We say it constantly, but it needs to be reminded. Inhale and exhale. At it’s most basic level, a present breath in and out will change the physiology of your body, and immediately calm you down.

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